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“After retiring from administrative management, one would think I would have been able to
navigate through the medicare health care choices. I did the online research and received
and read all the countless information in the mail. I was still confused. Sara was recommended
to me by my tax accountant and friend. I met with Sara and was impressed and pleased with
the following: organized, simplified information, gentle approach to my confusion, helpfulness,
resourceful and most of all just very pleasant. She answered questions immediately whether
through phone or text. We arrived at a plan that was more affordable than all my research
on line. It is so much more personal to talk to a local, experienced, talented and organized
person than the many unknown people one talks to using the online medicare resources.
She will remember you after first contact and she will help you throughout your options.
Sara is truly excellent at her career and her kind, helpful nature is a quality that I appreciated
so much.”